Our fresh meat and seafood departments are your one-stop shop for summer grilling greatness. Here you’ll find not only the finest cuts, but the finest butchers willing to custom cut your favorites however thick you like! Thick. Thicker. Thickest! And our Fishmongers are fabulous for recommending seafood that will grill up nicely, for shore!

Here are a few tips for great grilling in general:

Grilling Tips
  • Choose the indirect grilling method for foods that need longer cooking time, foods such as pork ribs and whole chickens—you’ll get wonderful textures without burning anything. To set up the grill, bank white-hot coals on two sides of the grill and set a drip pan in between the two mounds. Set the grill grate in place and lay the food over the drip pan—not over the coals. Cook with the grill covered.
  • Choose direct grilling (the food is cooked directly over the hot coals) for quick-to-cook items such as steaks, boneless chicken breasts and fish fillets.
  • Not all charcoals are created equal:
    • Lump hardwood charcoal burns clean and hot, and it imparts a wonderful flavor.
    • Composition briquettes can contain synthetic and petroleum binders that leave an unpleasant flavor.
    • Avoid charcoal lighter fluid—use a chimney starter or an electric starter instead.

Four Steps to Grilling a Fabulous Steak

  1. Lightly oil the outside of your steak or spray it with vegetable spray and season it with your favorite spices.
  2. Preheat your grill to high and place the steak (imagine a clock with hands) at the 10 o’clock position on the grill for 3-4 minutes. Now, rotate the steak (same side down) to the 2 o’clock position on the grill for an additional 3-4 minutes.
  3. Turn the steak over and repeat the step 2.
  4. Remove from the grill and serve — perfectly done and pretty to look at!
Grilling Steak

Grilling a Better Burger

Grilling Burger
  • Apply a thin coating of oil to hot grill grates to prevent burgers from sticking.
  • Wait until the grill is at its hottest before placing your burger on and then let it sit for 3-5 minutes before flipping. If it tears? The grill wasn’t hot enough.
  • Flip burgers only one time — this is all they need.
  • To create the perfect hash marks (diamonds), lay your burger down at the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions on the grill grate.
  • When using regular ground beef, an 80% meat and 20% fat content is best — using less fat content (90% lean) will keep your burger from being its juiciest.

Seafood Grilling Tips

  • Grill Prep — Keep your grill clean. A clean grill allows better heat circulation, improved cooking conditions and may even add a few years to your grill’s life.
  • Flame — Start with high heat, then adjust. A hot grill will give you excellent grill marks on your seafood and allow you to perfectly sear it. Once you get the grill marks, you can adjust the heat to medium to prevent burning.
  • Marinades, Spices and Rubs — They all enhance seafood’s flavor. For a really simple preparation, use olive oil, sea salt & fresh cracked black pepper.
  • Timing — Make sure you don’t overcook seafood, which makes it tough and bland rather than delicate and flavorful. Use a meat thermometer to properly check that it is cooked to an internal temperature of 145°F and remove from the grill immediately.
  • Finishing Sauces — Once you remove your seafood from the grill, top it with a small pat of butter, a squeeze of fresh citrus, or compound butter (a mix of fresh herbs, seasonings, citrus and softened butter). These will add extra flavor to mild fish and help bring out a brighter flavor in stronger tasting varieties.
Grilling Seafood

Grilling Plank Tips

  • Soak planks in the morning so you are ready to grill in the evening.
  • Keep a bottle of water close by to douse flare-ups that can occur if your grill is too hot or the planks weren’t soaked.
  • Don’t flip fish. The plank shields delicate seafood from direct heat, allowing moist and evenly cooked fish without flipping.
  • Cedar planks complement fatty fish like salmon, while maple and alder planks pair perfectly with lighter seafood.
  • Serve your seafood directly on the plank for a stunning presentation!
  • Re-use planks if not overly charred. Simply scrub with hot water, allow to dry and store in a clean, dry place.