We Love Local Cocktails!


Pittsburgh Pickle Bloody Mary Mix

In 2018, Will and John Patterson, and Joe Rob, founders of Pittsburgh Pickle, introduced Briney Mary (a Bloody Mary Mix), which debuted on the front page of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that August. In April of 2020, they learned that their Briney Mary had done exceptionally well at the Drunken Tomato Awards — two Platinum medals — the only company to achieve that honor. It also received the highest scores in the Mild and Unique categories, essentially naming them the winner of the 2020 Drunken Tomato Awards. “We’re very proud of the pickles we make. However, being recognized for making the best Bloody Mary mix in the nation speaks to the level of quality that we envision for all our products,” says John.


Pope’s Kitchen

Pope’s Kitchen started when Clark Pope brought his barbecue sauce to a family party. Trevor from Fresh Fork asked about it and then placed an order for 1000 jars. Today, Clark makes everything from cocktail mixers to simple syrups in small batches at the Cleveland Culinary Launch Kitchen in downtown Cleveland. He swears by quality, simplicity and all natural flavor you can taste. Margarita Mix (fresh lime, lemon & orange juice with a bit of pure cane sugar), Bloody Mary Mix (Ohio-grown tomatoes, lime and lemon juice, freshly grated horseradish and jalapeños — also in a Mellow or Vegan version), Dirty Martini Mix and seven nuanced Simple Syrups from Orange Habanero to Vanilla.


Simple Times Mixers

At Simple Times — a Columbus, OH start-up — they believe that everyone deserves a refreshing cocktail and shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience. Owner Mark Tinus, coming from a background in the bar world, was sick of high quality spirits being polluted with artificial, overly sweetened mixers. To that end, he and his team designed the perfect tasting cocktails using real ingredients from local farms that they partner with, which can be paired with your favorite alcohol for a quick, rewarding pick-me-up. Their motto? Respect your spirits and respect your cocktails! We carry a wide range for cocktail lovers, everything from Pomegranate and Blood Orange to Raspberry and Pineapple. Excellent sans alcohol, too!

Amazing Hazel’s

Hazel was born in 1897 into a family who made amazing sauces that were always a hit at the local Indianapolis fairs and annual pig roasts. A labor of love, they were made with no microwave, no food processor, and no grocery store to pop in to pick up a missing ingredient. Everything was homegrown in an organic vegetable garden and homemade on a wood stove. The recipes have been passed on from generation to generation and Amazing Hazel’s Chili Sauce is still made with the same labor of love.Their family bloody Mary mix is also labored over, but it’s all worth it come Sunday afternoon!

CALL-OUT: Don’t forget to look for a harvest of local vegetables from community farm partners, who bring us corn, zucchini and cabbage in September!