Pittsburgh, PA

La Prima Expresso 
Founded by Sam Patti in 1988 on Smallman Street in the Strip District of Pittsburgh, La Prima Espresso has remained a premiere Pittsburgh coffee roaster for more than 20 years. La Prima offers organic options, is Fair Trade certified and roasts some of the finest coffees available. They remain a valuable member of the local community through their employment practices and in the world community through their green coffee sourcing. We are proud to carry their Fair Trade certified La Casa, Paulie’s Blend, Rachel Carson, Congo, Hero Blend along with their famous Miscela Bar espresso! 


Bent Tree Coffee Roasters
A small batch, artisan coffee roaster located in downtown Kent, Ohio, Bent Tree Coffee Roasters start with only high-quality Arabican green coffee beans and carefully roast them to perfection. Working closely with farmers and coffee cooperatives to improve techniques, share information and equipment, their coffee benefits both the farmers and the coffee drinker. We carry their whole bean Honduras, Breakfast, Espresso and Black Squirrel blends and often a seasonal variety.


Roaming Goat Coffee
Legend has it that an Ethiopian goat herder discovered coffee when his flock ate the berries from a coffee bush. He noticed them dancing from shrub to shrub in an energetic state and decided to try the berries for himself. The rest, as they say, is history and thus began humanity’s love affair with coffee! At Roaming Goat Coffee Co., located in Columbus, OH, they love all things coffee and are endlessly searching for the next great cup. They source only the highest quality Arabica coffees from around the globe. The beans are roasted to perfection, accentuating the special nuances of each variety. Their goal is to bring you the perfect cup each and every day — legendary! We carry a variety of their global roasts, including, Guatemalan, Ethiopian Yirgache, and Highlander Grogg.


Copper Moon Coffee
The mission at Lafayette’s Copper Moon is to lead the coffee industry through continuous innovation, providing renowned expertise and consistently fulfilling their promise of “uniquely smooth, perfectly roasted” coffee. Investing in the very best roasting, processing and packaging equipment enables them to adapt to the specific and ever-changing needs of their customers. Find their fabulous coffee in 12 oz. Blast Off, Bean Me Up, Dark Sky and Stargazer!