Marburger Farm Dairy

Pittsburgh, PA

Starting with the purchase of one hundred acres of land in Evans City, PA, Marburger Farm Dairy is a fifth generation, family-owned farm that has been operating in one form or another since 1842. Raising cows that produce hormone and rBST-free milk, you can imagine how natural and flavorful their eggnog is! With a distinctly fresh quality and just the right amount of holiday spice (nutmeg!), each sip is a celebration!

Hartzler Family Dairy Eggnog

Cleveland & Columbus, OH

Made with Hartzler whole milk, this eggnog makes a great hostess gift for parties or a nice little treat to tuck away in the refrigerator for yourself after a long night of holiday card mailing, if you still do that kind of thing. Packaged in a newly designed and dated quart bottle each year, it’s always especially old-fashioned. Enjoy straight up, in your coffee or as a nightcap with rum.. It also makes amazing eggnog cookies — we know!

Oberweis Dairy Eggnog

Indianapolis, IN

Family farms feed their own loved ones the same milk and dairy that's produced for their customers, and Oberweis Dairy is just that: a family farm. Not only is their milk the a wholesome family favorite, but their eggnog, which is made with their milk, reflects a generational pride in an annual, beloved holiday tradition. Rich and creamy and spiced just right, Oberwies eggnog makes family festivities that much more … um, festive!