Bakery Food Dude

Jenny Lee Bakery


Scott Baker is owner and fifth generation Baker at Jenny Lee Bakery in McKees Rocks, PA (also known as Five Generations Baking). Founded in 1875 by German immigrant Michael A. Baker in Pittsburgh’s West End, the bakery has remained in the family since. In 1938, Paul Baker and cousin Bernard McDonald founded Jenny Lee in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Diamond Market where they sold the family’s Seven Baker Brothers’ products. Then, they launched their own baked specialties, opened a second store and their current main baking location in McKees Rocks in 1941. Today, one of their signature items is their famous Swirl Bread. Considered by fans to be the best cinnamon swirl bread in the world, it is crafted with sustainable ingredients, including cage-free eggs, and is verified non-GMO. Every batch of dough is naturally fermented and gets a dusting of cinnamon before being rolled up and baked in crimp-style pans; this creates Jenny’s signature shape. After cooling, the bread is bathed in a homemade butter blend and then rolled in a secret cinnamon and sugar combination! We’re stuck on their sticky buns, too!

Chocolate Dude

Chocolate Emporium


Chocolate Emporium started as family-owned “Helen Hutchley’s” ice cream shop in 1985 on the north side of Cedar Road in South Euclid, OH. In 1993, they decided to start carrying chocolates and formed the Chocolate Emporium. The family’s collective allergy sensitivities guided them to making chocolates that were dairy free and gluten free in order to help meet the needs of others like themselves. Today, they continue bringing you these same quality chocolates with these same values. Specializing in artisan-crafted dairy free, gluten free, vegan and Star-K Certified kosher dark chocolates, this Cleveland-based company is definitely spreading the sweetness! We carry their Dark Chocolate Truffles, Assorted Dark Chocolate Bark, Chocolate-Covered Nuts and Fruits, Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Assorted Flavored Chocolate Bars, Baking Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Chips, White Chocolate Chips, gummy and chewy candy!

Pizza Dude

Fired Up Pizza


Fired Up Pizza is owned and operated by Michael Rice in Columbus, OH. Crafted with the finest flour and tomatoes imported from Italy, the sauce is made from scratch and the dough is rolled by hand, fresh daily! All pizzas are cooked in a 100% wood-fired Four Grand Mere oven designed in France, specifically for Fired Up Pizza. Simply take the pizza from the freezer and cook directly on the oven rack for 10 minutes at 400°F. Then, enjoy a chef-prepared, artisan, easy wood-fired pizza in the convenience of your own home! Available in Margherita, Pepperoni and Four Cheese.

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Revival Almond Butters


In 2014, Rachel Klein started making almond butter for her family at her Indianapolis home because she was so disappointed with what she could find at the stores — the nut butters were too sugary, too bland, and too full of preservatives and palm oil. She was getting married a few months later and decided it would be cute to make party favors out of her almond butter. No surprise, everybody loved them. Then, Rachel began selling her almond butters at the farmers market, just for fun. A few weeks in, she started receiving calls from retailers, and that’s when it clicked. Today, five years later, her almond butters can be found on nearly 1000 shelves nationwide! We’re glad to be included with Rachel’s Classic, Super Spread, Coco Love, Chai Time and Balance Blend Almond Butters!