Pittsburgh, PA
Local Pittsburgh Enrico Biscotti

Enrico’s, located in Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District, is where they handmake Enrico’s famous biscotti. Using only real butter and natural ingredients, Enrico’s keeps alive the tradition of artisan Italian baking in every biscotti, touched only by their baker’s hands and the knife used to cut them. Enjoy!


Cleveland, OH
Local Nine Spoons Soup

Jen Ferone’s grandmother’s wedding soup was (and is) a cherished family favorite. It took two days to make, complete with mini meatballs. Honed to nurture and delight a growing family, this classic is now available frozen, which keeps all of the fresh and savory flavor ready to thaw, heat and eat. Try her Minestrone, too!


Columbus, OH
Local Darista Dips

This unique lineup of dips puts hummus in a whole new light. Stock up on the pita chips and dip into flavors including: Hip-Hoppin’ Morockin’ Carrot, a spicy blend of roasted carrots, hot harissa and raw honey; Step It Up A Beet, a roasted beet hummus with chickpeas and lemon, or enjoy their ZAH-MAZING Za’atar Traditional Hummus!


Indianapolis, IN
Local Dillman Farm Fruits

It all started in 1970 when Carl Dillman began making oven-baked apple butter for a restaurant in Brown County and delivering it on his milk route. Today, we carry Carl’s Organic Fruit Butter, Cherry Preserves and Red Pickled Beets, all made free from preservatives, corn syrups, and additives. Pure. Clean. Simple.