Alla Famiglia Authentic Pasta Sauce & Olive Oil
Alla Famiglia , nestled on the hilltop of Pittsburgh’s Mt. Oliver, was started in 1997 by David Ayn, owner of the acclaimed Davio in Beechview. With Jonathan Vlasic as Chef, Alla Famiglia has evolved into a restaurant that represents years of Chef Vlasic’s formal culinary training but also family recipes of Roman and Emilia descent. Committed to consistently delivering the highest quality Italian food, today they bring us four of Chef Vlasic’s classic handcrafted sauces — Marinara, Vodka, Diavolo and Bolognese.


Pittsburgh Pasta Sauce
Doug Mariani grew up working in his dad’s place, The Pleasure Bar, a famous Italian restaurant in the heart of Bloomfield, Pittsburgh’s Little Italy. He cooked, he served, he tended bar and he listened. People wanted to take his mom’s sauces home to make any pasta dish special every time. Doug set to work finding a bottler in Punxsutawney, PA who could meet the strict demand for his mom’s recipes, including ALL fresh ingredients. “I haven’t made homemade sauce in 20 years,” says Doug proudly. “All I have to do is open a jar and it’s like my mom has been in the kitchen all day long.” With more than 80 years of Abruzzi/Mariani history in every jar, we bring you Pittsburgh Pasta’s best in Authentic Tomato, Roasted Red Pepper, Tomato Basil and Vodka Sauce!


Full Fork Premium Pasta Sauces
Owned and founded by Linda in order to share her mother's delicious recipes with as many people as possible, Full Fork is a team effort, including Linda’s husband Jim. Crafted in their hometown of Cleveland, OH, these premium sauces contain no artificial colors, additives or flavorings. Also, there is no sugar added. The marinara only has 240 Mg of sodium and Meat Sauces, only have 290 Mg. Give them a try! We hope you will love their sauces as much as we do. Available in rustic, Traditional Marinara, hearty Mild Meat, flavorful Spicy Meat & delicate Basil Marinara!


Carfagna's Inc. has a long-standing tradition of providing excellent quality and value to the Columbus area. Family owned and operated since 1937, they make Italian sauces, soup, chilli, dressing and more, in addition to running their Italian market, catering business and Italian restaurant. All live up to their Grandfather's mantra: "Give our customers what they want, not what we want." Find Cafagna’s sauces in Original, Pomodoro Basilico, Spicy Puttanesca, The Sicilian & Vodka, as well as meatball and sausage sauces.


LocalFolks Foods
Steve and Anita Spencer, owners of Homestead Growers in Sheridan, IN, started LocalFolks Foods to make use of excess produce on their farm. Along with partner Paul Skirvin, Steve and Anita developed a diverse food line with an emphasis on using local, fresh and natural ingredients, bringing the flavor of the Midwest to the world. Sourcing all of their fresh ingredients locally, today, they work hard to reduce the distances their food travels before consumption. We carry their wonderfully authentic Italian Tomato & Herb, Mushroom & Garden Vegetable and delightful Pizza sauces!