Our pick of local pickles — find yours!

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh Pickle Company — Will and John Patterson and Joe Rob call their pickles a first-generation, Pittsburgh-style pickle. This isn’t a recipe that’s been passed down, but created by focusing on what they liked and didn’t like about pickles while pining over the perfect combination of spice mix and brine ratios. Available in Original, Dill Mill, Fire & Smoke and Bread & Butter.


Randy’s Pickles — A better pickle in a bigger jar with bigger flavor. Every jar of Randy’s Pickles is hand packed in small batches using fresh ingredients, compliments of Chief Pickling Officer, Andrew Rainey! Available in Deli-Style Dill, Bread n’ Butter, Black Pepper Chips, Spicy Dill, Grandma Knows Best, Mustache on Fire & Grilled Sideburns (actually grilled pickles)!

Indianapolis, IN

Sechler’s Pickles — Faster is not better. There are the words Sechler’s lives by and you can taste their patience in their pickles! For all the technical advances in food processing, many of their processes have changed little or not at all, conscientiously avoiding any shortcuts that might detract from quality. Now, that’s a fine pickle! Available in Hamburger Dill, Sweet Gerkins, Aged Kosher & Sweet Pickle Chips.