Welcome to the Neighborhood!

...we've been saying that a lot as we continue to expand our ever-growing selection fo local foods and products - all grown, made or raised within 150 miles of our stores!
This month, we're celebrating our burgeoning collection of community fare, teeming with local flavor.

Our Local Philosophy—Nearly Everything

We buy and sell local for many reasons, but mostly because it supports community artisans, businesses and farmers, keeping our local economy healthy and minimizing our carbon footprint. It also supports the unique character of our communities — highlighting products you can’t find anywhere else — as well as providing jobs for hometown workers. Finally, we love forming relationships with local purveyors and providing a means to get their goods directly in front of you. After all, there’s no taste like home!

Local Produce & The Farmers Who Grow It

When it comes to local produce, the farms within 150 miles of our stores are a testament to old-fashioned, garden-fresh goodness with an admirable amount of innovation thrown in. And the farmers themselves are a wealth of agricultural knowledge, history and plain hard work. Here are just a few of our farmer partners with a little barnyard banter to keep your interest in local produce thriving. Look for their crops cropping up in our stores!

Pittsburgh Produce - Local Farm Focus

Bebout Farms, Valencia, PA, Corn, Tomatoes, Zucchini, & Yellow Squash
"It sounds ho-hum, but the thing we pride ourselves on is quality.  We attend to every truck we pack to make sure our produces arrives at Market District in top-notch shape.  We don't want our crops associated with anything less than excellent." — Corrine & Tom Bebout

Wexford Farms, Wexford, PA Eggplant, Squash & Tomatoes
"Wexford Farms has been in existence since 1972. My grandfather started the farm and I am a third generation farmer.  We grow approximately 450 acres of fresh vegetables - all types - sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, you name it." - Paul Mustovic

Cleveland Produce - Local Farm Focus

Brenckle's, Hartville, OH,  - Everything from Lettuce, Cucumbers & Carrots to Squash, Eggplant & Peppers
"We're a fourth-generation family farm that grows 200 acres of fresh vegetables, but mostly sweet corn.  We only harvest the very best from our crops and bring it to Market District within 24 hours - fresh!"—John Brenckle

Columbus Produce - Local Farm Focus

Three V Farms Columbus, OH,  - Kale, Cantaloupes & Watermelon
"We plant seven acres just for Market District.  We lay raised plastic beds for the crops to protect them from weeds, irrigate from beneath, keep the soil moist and warm, and the vegetables clean.  Sometimes we deliver so fresh, when we get to your stores, the squash are still warm from the sun." -John Voltalini

Indianapolis Produce - Local Farm Focus

Morning Harvest Produce, Hardinsburgh, IN Hydroponic Lettuce & Basil
Because they grow hydroponically, we can get Morning Harvest lettuce all year round and it's super clean because no soil is ever used. The plants are in water 24/7 and nutrients are added to the water for better growth and health benefits.  More than 1,000 lettuce plants harvested per week!."We follow organic practices and deliver fresh to Market District twice a week. We are always on an 'Endless quest for Fresh' produce." - Keegan Hash