Local Flavors
We’re proud to feature our Veteran- and APID-owned neighborhood brands this month. Bonus: Brands marked with an * are also gluten-free, in honor of Celiac Awareness Month.



Anar Gourmet Foods is a family-owned boutique company founded in 2016 based near Pittsburgh, PA. They create and manufacture all-natural, certified gluten-free, MSG and nut-free gourmet spice blends with no chemicals or preservatives based on their family's authentic South Indian family recipes.



Owned and operated by Michael Killik: veteran, father of four, stroke and heart attack survivor, Killik hot sauce is the result of a passion for science and food. After his stroke 15 years ago, Michael made a career change from education to restaurant management. He knew most hot sauces have very high sodium levels, which given his addiction to the stuff, may have contributed to his heart attack. He started dabbling and found that the hot sauce he was making was better tasting, better looking, and much healthier than the rest, and Killik Hot Sauce was born.



Owner, Donald Hill, is a US Navy Veteran who served in Marine combat in Afghanistan. Donald’s sloppy joe sauce is a hit in the region. Produced in the Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen, much of the work, such as putting on lids, is not automated, which means Mr. Hill and his staff are totally hands-on every time they cook up and bottle a batch!



Hazel was born in 1897 into a family who made amazing sauces that were always a hit at the local Indianapolis fairs and annual pig roasts. A labor of love, they were made with no microwave, no food processor and no grocery store to pop in to pick up a missing ingredient. Everything was homegrown in an organic vegetable garden and homemade on a wood stove. The recipes have been passed on from generation to generation and Amazing Hazel’s Chili Sauce is still made with the same labor of love.