This month, we explore local vendors who create rich and delicious eggnog!


Nestled among residential homes and community parks in the Pittsburgh suburb of Whitehall, about 5 miles south of Pittsburgh, is the headquarters of a company that most Steel City natives became familiar with in their elementary school cafeterias-Schneider’s Dairy. This family-owned and operated business has been in operation since 1935.


Since 1930, Turner’s has been producing the freshest, best tasting dairy products right here in Western Pennsylvania. Turner’s has earned more than 100 awards for taste and quality at national dairy product competitions since 1998. In 2021, Turner’s became the first Pennsylvania Dairy to extend their shelf life for fresh milk and cream beyond previous government mandates. Turner’s shelf-life extension is verified by 3rd party quality testing and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.


Starting with the purchase of one hundred acres of land in Evans City, PA, Marburger Farm Dairy has been continuously operating in one form or another since 1838. A German immigrant by the name of George Marburger, Sr. first used the land for raising draft horses until his son, Adam, transitioned the 100-acre parcel to dairy production. After about twelve years, Adam and his wife, Georgia, moved the Marburger Farm Dairy operation to its current location. Since then, over three generations of Marburgers have been operating Marburger Farm Dairy successfully.


In the early 1950s, Harold and Patricia Hartzler started farming in Wayne County, Ohio. They raised eight children on the family farm. In 1990, Harold felt led by God to gather is children and discuss the idea that became Hartzler Family Dairy, Inc. The Hartzlers purchased a piece of property at the North end of Wooster and built the milk processing plant that is still used today. On April 15, 1996, the Hartzlers opened their storefront located in front of the milk processing plant. Today, two of Harold and Patricia’s sons, John and Joe Hartzler remain the owners of the family-centered business.


We source milk from small local farms grazing cows on their natural diet of grass and non-GMO feeds and forage using no artificial growth hormones. Grass grazing improves cows' health and physical fitness. Our farmers practice regenerative and sustainable farming. Grass grazing uses less energy, protects water and builds soil, which retains carbon and reduces air pollution. Grass grazed dairy has increased levels of Omega 3 fatty acids and Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), essential to human health. These fatty acids are not produced in the human body, so they must be consumed daily.


Oberweis Eggnog is rich, creamy and decadent—a seasonal specialty sure to spark jolly memories of jingle bells, snow angels and all the happiness that comes with the holiday season. Our eggnog recipe has been passed down for generations and has always been crafted in small batches using farm fresh Oberweis milk. You simply won’t find a better tasting eggnog anywhere—that’s why eggnog made by Oberweis Dairy is a tradition worth indulging in.