It’s National Women’s Small Business Month and we’re celebrating our local female vendors who are putting the super in soup!

Pittsburgh, PA

Erie Bone Broth

Erie Bone Broth uses roasted meat that is simmered for 24-72 hours, which releases collagen and gelatin for a thicker mouthfeel and richer flavor than traditional broth. Bone broth is a flavorful broth with protein, collagen, amino acids, and minerals that can be used as a daily drink, an additive in smoothies, a soup stock, or in cooking to add flavor. Erie bone broths come from animals that are 100% grass-fed and free-range or pastured, plus, they contain no preservatives or added salt. Available in Bison, Turkey and Chicken.

Cleveland, OH

Nine Spoons Soup

Nine Spoons began around an old family recipe. Often, you don’t realize just how unique and special a dish is until you begin sharing it. Jen Ferone’s grandmother’s wedding soup was (and is) just that: a cherished family favorite made in grandma’s Cleveland home that came to be desired by everyone! Honed to nurture and delight a growing family, this classic is now available frozen, which keeps all of the fresh and savory flavor ready to thaw, heat and eat. Try her Minestrone, Tomato Bisque Fire-Roasted Corn Chowder and Wedding Soup, too!

Columbus, OH

Bessie’s Homemade Noodles

Named after founder Monica Easterling’s great-grandmother, who first taught her to make noodles as a child, Bessie’s Homemade Noodles are made by Monica and her husband Matt, true to Bessie’s original old-world recipe in Miamisburg, OH. The noodles are always al dente and sauces rich and creamy and flavorful. Choose chicken or beef, they are both savory and satisfying.

Indianapolis, IN

Urban Ladle

Every Day is A Good Soup Day! That is the motto of Lisa Sprunger, founder of Urban Ladle, an Indiana-based artisan soup company. In a world where healthy eating is increasingly the focus for families and female business owners are coming into their own, Urban Ladle stands out. There is an old adage —pick one thing, do it well. Lisa Sprunger makes soup. Lisa launched Urban Ladle from the kitchen of her home. Enthusiastic about cooking for years, and forever focused on a healthy lifestyle for her family, Lisa strove to bring old-fashioned Midwestern goodness into everything she cooked. Why soup? Why not? There is much debate about the origins of the first creators of soup but what is undisputed are the nutritional value and the comfort factor of a steaming bowl of goodness. Try any of these and taste the care she takes: Chicken Noodle, Corn Chowder, Lentil, Chicken Tortilla or Turkey Chili!