Pittsburgh, PA

Twin Brook Dairy
“We’re a Pittsburgh, woman-owned, small farm doing things the right way for the customer, our animals and the environment,” says Randi Marchezak. “Our milk is different because we take great pride and effort to care for and make our cows comfortable with the least amount of stress possible, and that is reflected in the milk. We minimally process at the lowest legal temperature and duration to maintain as much integrity as possible. We do not homogenize, leaving us with a product as close to its original, natural form as possible. There are very few farms who do what we do, how we do it. And, we NEVER feed our animals bi-products that are man-made and never use rBST or rBGH growth hormones.” Taste the difference!

Cleveland, OH

Storehouse Tea
Since 2007, Storehouse Tea Company, LLC has been blending and distributing some of finest organic, Fair Trade loose leaf teas sourced from an ethical supply chain both locally and internationally. Their purpose is to employ refugees and recent immigrants: they don’t hire people to make their teas, but make delicious teas to hire people, believing that tea is the vehicle to heal, connect and transform communities. Today, they are located in Ohio City where they blend more than 50 organic, Fair Trade teas. We carry something for everyone, from traditional English Breakfast and Chamomile to Superfruit Goji Berry, Indian Marsala Chai and Pomegranate White. Lots to choose from!

Columbus, OH

The Bellisaris founded their company with a distinct vision of family togetherness to create signature, high-quality spreads and sauces with a few exquisite ingredients. Local to Columbus, OH, the family crafts unique flavors with a familiar feeling that takes you back. We handpicked these spreads: Balsamic, Shallot & Black Garlic, Blistered Jalapeño & Fig and Calabrian Pepper & Sweet Tomato Fennel, as well as these sauces: Saigon (a sweet & spicy mustard-based sauce) and Barista (a sweet, complex burger and finishing sauce).


BeeFree™ Gluten-Free Bakery
Located in Noblesville, IN, BeeFree offers clean baked goodies free from gluten and dairy with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Owner Jennifer Wiese spent late nights and early mornings in her kitchen coming up with this flavor-packed line of treats made from ingredients like fresh almonds, honey, coconut oil, pure extracts, dark chocolate, and dried berries. We carry their cereal/snack Warrior Mix™ in Auggy’s Original, Clay’s Chocolate Buzz, Drake’s Spicy Chocolate, Mae’s Apple Pie & Hagen’s Berry Bomb and a mix to make Pizza Dough.