Our new Market District Direct Trade Coffees are the result of a personal relationship with coffee roastmasters and farmers, who have helped us to develop custom, 100% Arabica bean, small-batch roasts with bold, rich flavors. In return, we help the farmers develop sustainable farming techniques and update equipment, grow food for their communities and fund education for their children.

These partnerships also help women growers achieve financial independence. Finally, Direct Trade helps farmers invest in technologies that reduce energy and water use, so they can pay bonuses to their workers. A purposeful pour, indeed! For best results, use two tablespoons of coffee for every six ounces of fresh water. Vary to suit your taste. To preserve freshness and flavor, store in airtight container at room temperature.

Market District Direct Trade Coffees

COLOMBIA Rio Magdalena — A medium roast, this coffee originates along the scenic Rio Magdalena, Colombia’s most bountiful coffee growing community. The river’s rich soil and lush climate produce some of the most distinctive, high quality coffee in the country. Aroma and flavors include dried cherry, dark chocolate and caramel.

NICARAGUA Jinotega — A dark roast, this coffee bean is grown and harvested in the remote Jinotega region in the Nicaraguan mountains. Here, coffee farmers are passionate about their crops and hand down their farming knowledge from generation to generation. The flavor? Molasses, nuts and cocoa with a smoky, dry finish.

PERU San Ignacio — A medium roast, this bean is from the northern reaches  of Peru, near the Ecuador border in the San Ignacio coffee growing region. The high elevation here produces some of Peru’s most nuanced coffees. This one boasts a flavor of toasted nuts, dried fruit (raisin) and a touch of caramel.

EL SALVADOR Buena Vista — A light roast, our El Salvadorian coffee is sourced from the Buena Vista coffee farming community in the remote Ahuachapán, El Salvador, area. This high-altitude terrain is a prime location for growing distinctive, Arabica coffee beans in harmony with the neighboring rainforest. Brew and enjoy the flavors of fruit, nuts, malt and caramel with a nutty, dry finish.

And, don’t forget, we still carry our original line, including some of our long-time favorites, including Breakfast Blend (also available in decaf), Kona Blend, Sumatra, Italian Roast, French Roast, Columbia, Espresso and more. Pour a cup and hit the ground running!