Hot Off the Press (Literally!)

We'll admit it. We've been looking for an amazing tortilla chip worthy of the Market District name for years. Chip after chip after chip. And then one bite of this recipe — richly corn flavored, thin and crispy — and we knew we had hit gold — golden colored and crunchy, that is. In fact, these chips are so good they put the heat on some of the best artisan chips out there.

Made using traditional techniques and simple ingredients like stoneground corn, sea salt and a trace of lime, they are, of course, excellent straight out of the bag, but also a complementary foundation for any hot and spicy dip or salsa. Keep them, like you do crackers, in your pantry to easily serve with our Nature's Basket Salsa Verde, your favorite guac or with this outstanding Queso Fundido Dip — a must-try for your Cinco de Mayo (or any) celebration.