Four Fantastic Varieties to Try

When it comes to pasta sauces, we have standards — high standards: totally fresh ingredients with no preservatives or added sugars, 100% imported Italian plum tomatoes, imported olive oil, real cream and freshly chopped herbs and vegetables — never dried. We have a thing about "the best."

And how we make it? Even better. Cooked in pan-shaped sauté kettles for small-batch quality, our authentic sauces are crafted according to traditional recipes developed by our Culinary Team and our hand-picked producer. Then, the sauces are made in a state of the art, LEED certified, green facility with results that replicate honest-to-goodness Italian sauces from a host of regions, like these:

Tomato Vodka
Beginning as a soffritto of fresh chopped garlic, carrots, celery and onions, this sauce is transformed with 100% imported Italian plum tomatoes, the finest Romano and Parmesan cheeses, real cream and vodka for an exceptionally flavorful, rich and indulgent sauce. Its regional origin is questionable, but not its universal popularity.

Tomato Basil
Made with fresh, chopped basil, fine imported Italian olive oil and 100% Italian-grown plum tomatoes, our basil sauce is delicately prepared to offer the light texture, balanced taste and unmatched quality typical of traditional southern Italian sauces.

A spicy Roman sauce made with 100% Italian plum tomatoes and imported olive oil, with fresh chopped basil, garlic, onions and crushed red pepper, this variety has a little kick.

A classic made with a soffritto of garlic, onion and olive oil, and 100% imported Italian plum tomatoes, this sauce is slowly simmered to create the delicate texture of a high-quality homemade sauce finished with fresh, chopped basil and thyme — super versatile and always delightful.

A staple all year round, our sauces are particularly handy during Lenten season when meatless Fridays lend themselves to tasty pasta dishes. We also like them ladled over our freshly prepared turkey meatballs, on our bruschetta topped and broiled with fresh-pulled Mozzarella or in the original recipes on pages 4-6 from our Market District Recipe Development Team. You can even use them as dipping sauces with our amazing artisan breads.

Plus, we're working on a few new varieties to launch later in the year. Think classic Tomato Crme, Alfredo, Roasted Garlic & Carbonara…