Lettuce Introduce You to Our Local Farm Partners from Ohio!

When it comes to local produce, the farms within 150 miles of our stores are a testament to old-fashioned, garden-fresh goodness with an admirable amount of innovation thrown in. And, the farmers themselves are a wealth of agricultural knowledge, history and plain hard work.

Here are just a few of our farm partners with a little barnyard banter to keep your interest in local produce thriving. Look for their crops cropping up in our stores!

Find their location on the right!

A - Ebenhack Brothers Farm, Circleville
“My house is 30 feet from the berry field on my family’s 100-year-old farm. My brother T.J. and I are very hands on. We use our experience, knowledge and innovative growing techniques to produce the sweetest, juiciest blackberries, strawberries and raspberries possible — even yellow raspberries!” — Wesley Ebenhack

B - The Witten Farm Market, Lowell
“We’re a third-generation farm and the first to harvest sweet corn each year. This is because we plant our corn under plastic for an early spring growth spurt. We get up at 2 a.m. to harvest and deliver by 9 a.m. so that every ear you get is fresh picked that day.” — Scott Witten

Tip: Put an ear of corn (husk and all) in the microwave for 4 minutes on high, pull the husk back and the silk just falls off. As good as boiling or grilling, but a lot faster and easier!

C - Szalay’s Farm & Market, Peninsula
“Big Jim Szalay started our family farm back in 1931 along with his sons John and Paul. Today, Szalay’s is operated by my husband John (third generation), myself and our children, Johnny and Georgia. And, we’re still providing the best, freshest sweet corn possible!” — Paula Szalay

D - Three V Farms, Columbus
“We plant seven acres just for Market District. We lay raised plastic beds for the crops to protect them from weeds, irrigate from beneath, keep the soil moist and warm, and the vegetables clean. Sometimes we deliver so fresh, when we get to your stores the squash are still warm from the sun.” — John Voltolini

E - Brenckle Farms, Hartville
“We’re a fourth-generation family farm that grows 200 acres of fresh vegetables, but mostly sweet corn. We only harvest the very best from our crops and bring it to Market District within 24 hours — fresh!” — John Brenckle

F - Buurma Farms, Willard
“I’m a fourth generation farmer working the same land my great grandfather did back in 1896. It’s in my blood; it’s what I know. Our family, from my brother to second cousins, is passionate about growing the healthiest, freshest produce and feel honored to sell it to people like you.” — Chadd Buurma