Lettuce Introduce You to Our Local Farm Partners from Pennsylvania!

When it comes to local produce, the farms within 150 miles of our stores are a testament to old-fashioned, garden-fresh goodness with an admirable amount of innovation thrown in. And, the farmers themselves are a wealth of agricultural knowledge, history and plain hard work.

Here are just a few of our farm partners with a little barnyard banter to keep your interest in local produce thriving. Look for their crops cropping up in our stores!

Find their location on the right!

A - Wexford Farms, Wexford
“Wexford Farms has been in existence since 1972. My grandfather started the farm and I am a third generation farmer. We grow approximately 450 acres of fresh vegetables — all types — sweet corn, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, you name it.” — Paul Mustovic

B - Bebout Farms, Venetia
“It sounds ho-hum, but the thing Tom and I pride ourselves on is quality. We attend to every truck we pack to make sure our produce arrives at Market District in top-notch shape. We don’t want our crops associated with anything less than excellent.” — Tom & Corrine Bebout

C - Trax Farms, Finleyville
“We’re celebrating 150 years growing fresh local produce — six generations. We pick orders the same day they are placed. We don’t have pre-picked produce as a backup. It’s all coming straight from the stem to you.” — Bob Trax

D - Dawson’s Orchards, Inc, Enon Valley
“For more than 50 years our family has been growing fruit. Each season brings challenges, but it’s worth it when somebody eats one of our apples and smiles. With the next two generations involved, we hope to keep customers happy for years to come!” — Carolyn McQuiston

E - Blackberry Meadows Farm, Natrona Heights
“Family owned and community operated, we’ve been growing certified organic, rare vegetable varieties of all kinds since 1992 — especially for our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. From unique summer squash and heirloom tomatoes to kales and cabbages, we manage our soil to grow as many mineral- rich varieties as possible. We are excited to count Market District as one of our CSA subscribers!” — Greg Boulos

F - Soergel Orchards, Wexford
“We’re a big family operation, going on six generations. We plant 40 acres of apple orchards and have been making cider since 1968. Today, we have our own press and pasteurizer. Every batch tastes a little different, but always good.” — Larry Voll

G - Clarion River Organics, Sligo
“We’re a cooperative of 15 family farms that are certified organic and completely horse powered, growing more than 150 crops on 65 acres and sharing equipment and horse teams. We are a community that shares work, values and a lot of pride in our produce.” — Zeb Bartels

H - Laurel Vista Farms, Somerset
“Our onions are so sweet, you can eat them like an apple and our beans are kept cold from the time we harvest to the time they get to store, so they always have a great snap. We love growing vegetables on our family farm for the family tables in our region!” — Ken Soldano

I - Smith’s Organic Farm, Bedford
“We have been a certified organic family farm for 16 years. We started with blueberries and tomatoes but have expanded greatly, testing varieties to see which are best tasting. Everything is harvested ripe, stored at optimum temperatures and delivered refrigerated for peak freshness.” — Gerald Smith