The Best Got Even Better!

Our Chefs don’t take our name lightly, so when they’re tasked with creating a recipe that will wear the Market District brand, they won’t settle for anything short of outstanding.

We formulated, tested and honed recipes to meet our ridiculously high expectations using only:

  • 100% fresh Italian plum tomatoes
  • Fresh garlic & real cream
  • Imported olive oil
  • No preservatives or added sugars
  • Freshly chopped herbs and vegetables — never dried
  • Cooked in small-batch sauté pans to distribute heat accurately

Our new and improved pasta sauce varieties include:

Marinara — An exquisite everyday sauce, this traditional marinara is made with a soffrito of garlic, onion and olive oil, and 100% imported Italian plum tomatoes, slowly simmered to create the delicate texture of a high quality homemade sauce. Finished with fresh chopped basil and thyme, it is stupendously flavorful and versatile.

Alfredo — Expertly crafted from buttery cream, Romano and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheeses with a touch of garlic and black pepper, this rich, cheesy, yet delicately flavored sauce brings pasta to its heavenly heights. Mix with chicken, mushrooms and snap peas for a full meal in one!

Tomato Basil — made with fresh, chopped basil, fine imported olive oil, and 100% Italian-grown plum tomatoes, our basil sauce is delicately prepared to offer the light texture, balanced taste and the unmatched quality of authentic southern Italian sauces.

Tomato Vodka — Begun as a soffrito of fresh chopped garlic, carrots, celery and onions, this sauce is transformed with 100% imported Italian plum tomatoes, the finest Romano and Parmesan cheeses and real cream and vodka for an exceptionally flavorful, rich and indulgent sauce.

Arrabbiata — A classic Roman sauce made with 100% Italian plum tomatoes and imported olive oil, with fresh chopped basil, garlic, onions and crushed red pepper to add a flavorful kick.

Bolognese — In rich Italian style, this sauce is a hearty, yet finely flavored blend of Italian tomatoes, savory beef and pork cooked with red wine, garlic and other delicate spices. A blessing in every bite.


Just open, heat and pour over our Market District 100% semolina pastas! Dinner’s done. Time for fun!