You Can Tell It's Cooked in the Shell!

And that makes all the difference in the world! This exclusive cooked-in-the-shell process gives the shrimp a superior flavor, color and appearance. The shell, remaining intact during the cooking process, naturally protects the shrimp meat while enhancing the flavor for a natural, snappy taste. After cooking the shrimp, the laborious process of removing the shell occurs prior to being packaged. It’s a lot of work, but way worth the effort — you’ll sea.

Moreover, our Nature’s Basket shrimp are responsibly and sustainably sourced, rated 4-star via Best Aquaculture Practices. They are all-natural, chemical free with absolutely no additives, colors or antibiotics. The only thing we add is a pinch of salt to bring out the true “taste of the sea” freshness you love. Shrimply speaking, less is more.

Our shrimp come from Vietnam, Indonesia and India — countries ideal for shrimp farming due to the perfect environment and annual temperatures. The processing and specification of the shrimp is really a defining moment that makes our shrimp unique.

We control everything, including size and color grading, appearance, moisture, cook time and much more. This commitment to food safety and quality assurance requires an extremely high level of skill and attention to detail, which we are happy to adhere to!

Find our new Nature’s Basket shrimp, ready to eat, in our Seafood Department in 1.5 lb. bags. Shrimply delicious (we couldn’t resist — again)!