In our Bulk Foods Department, you'll discover a hand-picked collection of fine extra virgin olive oils and gourmet balsamic vinegars!

Available in exciting, exquisite varieties, they're provide a very economical way to stock your pantry. Mix and match oils and vinegars in-store to blend your signature vinaigrette. Or, pour a bottle of your favorite oil and a bottle of your favorite balsamic and pair them as a gift. Here are a few tips for making the most of these flavorful finds!

Olive the Reasons Our Olive Oils Are Best

  • Our olives are cold pressed (no heat or chemicals) within 24 hours of harvest
  • They are harvested in just one region to ensure quality and consistency
  • They contain an acidity level of no more than .08%
  • They vary in fruity intensity depending on variety, but always offer solid, superior olive flavor

Pairings & Uses
Olive oil is a staple of Mediterranean cuisine. We find it adds flavor to nearly every meal — one way or another.

  • Drizzle over steamed or roasted vegetables
  • Use as an ingredient in Italian breads, pizzas or focaccias
  • Sauté meats, seafood and vegetables
  • Serve blended with dried spices for dipping crusty Italian bread
  • Create a simple sauce for pasta with fresh herbs and vegetables
  • Dress cold pasta salads and leafy greens
  • Use to garnish hot soups
  • Substitute as a healthy alternative in baking

Olive Oil Flavor Profiles

Arbequina — This popular, high-yielding oil comes from the Spanish region of Catalonia. It has a mild, fruity aroma with a nutty, sweet flavor.
Picual — The province of Jaén in the region of Andalucia is the homeland for this popular Spanish variety. The high-yield crop of Picual olives produces a golden-colored olive oil with a fruity aroma, grassy herbal notes and a spicy-sour finish.
Garlic-Infused Olive Oil — The medium, fruity aroma of our imported Italian olive oil is flavorfully enhanced by the robust essence of garlic, giving this oil a great depth of flavor.
Lemon-Infused Olive Oil — The crisp, fresh aroma of Mediterranean lemons infuse the mild spiciness of our robust Italian olive oil, creating the perfect balance of flavors.
Blood Orange-Infused Olive Oil — Our Italian olive oil, with its full body and spicy undertones provides the perfect platform for the sweet/tart flavors of the Italian blood orange.
Tuscan Herb-Infused Olive Oil — A bouquet of fresh herbs, including rosemary, basil and garlic, infuse our clean and fruity Italian olive oil with bold fragrance and layers of flavor.

What Makes Our Balsamic Vinegars Grape

  • They are an authentic product imported from Modena, Italy and crafted following strict guidelines set up by the DOP, or Denominazione di Origine Protetta (Protected Designation of Origin)
  • They’re made with the must of grapes grown in the Emilia-Romagna region
  • Our balsamics are aged for a minimum of two months in oak casks
  • They contain an acidity of no more than 6%
  • They are glossy and dark brown with a dense, smooth texture
  • All are fragrant with a sharp, penetrating acidity
  • They offer well-balanced, sweet and sour flavors
  • They are deliciously acidic with notes of oak and berry

Balsamic Vinegar Flavor Profiles

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP Invecchiato — The famed vinegar of Emilia-Romagna, Italy, our basic Balsamic is complex and richly sweet, bursting with notes of berries, oak and cherries. This beloved vinegar is made exclusively from the Trebbiano and Chianti grape varieties grown solely in this region.
Blueberry-Infused Balsamic Vinegar — We take our Italian balsamic vinegar and infuse it with the tart-sweetness of blueberries, further intensifying the depth of its flavor.
Fig-Infused White Balsamic Vinegar — This golden-tinted balsamic is infused with the intensely sweet aroma and flavor of ripened figs. Unique and delicate.
Peach-Infused White Balsamic Vinegar — Our Italian balsamic infused with the sweet, honey-like flavor of juicy peaches to further enhance its already multifarious flavor.

Pairings & Uses
Balsamic vinegar can be used for much more than salads. Its sweet, complex flavor is an unexpected delight in many recipes:

  • Drizzle on meats or vegetables before roasting
  • Use as a featured ingredient in marinades and rubs
  • Pair with wines or other liquids when braising meats
  • Brush on fish prior to poaching
  • Add to broth in risottos
  • Drizzle over fruits, nuts, cheeses, or even ice cream as a richly sweet complement