It’s National Dairy Month & We’re Introducing Our Local Milk 

Talk about timing! We’ve been working hard to make sure all of our Giant Eagle milk is sourced locally. And, now we have. Supporting local agriculture, we bring you milk from farms within 150 miles of all of our stores for the freshest taste and smallest carbon footprint possible! And, the fact that it’s National Dairy Month makes us want to celebrate ‘til the cows come home!

Our Local Milk Farms:

Sleg Dairy is truly a family operation. Nate and Amanda Cromer run their Ridgeway, Ohio dairy with their three children, who represent the fifth generation to milk cows on the farm. The 70 cows enjoy 15 acres of pasture and the other 285 acres is planted with corn, beans, wheat and hay. The family places a strong emphasis on quality with Amanda frequently saying, ”If it wouldn’t make  it to my table. It won’t make it to yours.” In addition to taking care of cows and kids, the Cromers are very involved in their local school, 4-H and Future Farmers of America programs.

Three generations of farmers stay busy at Starlite Dairy & Grain. Thomas Shawhan grew up milking with his dad, a lifelong dairy farmer. Thomas and Janet Shawhan started their own farm in the early 80s and moved to their current farm near Hillsboro Ohio in 1997. They farm with their two sons, Ray and Dan. Dan manages the 115 dairy cows. Ray manages the more than 3,500 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. The four grandchildren are also frequent helpers on the farm.

Our Brand of Dairy — Market District & Nature’s Basket Are Milkin’ It!

Here’s just a few of the favorites from our dairy delights!

  • Market District Super Premium Ice Cream — Crafted with 14% butterfat, all except the chocolate and vanilla, which have a whopping 16%! It’s like an ice cream dream. Moreover, each batch is packed full of the finest ingredients, creativity and passion. Every bite: flavor, flavor, rich, creamy flavor!
  • Market District Aussie-Style Yogurt! —An intersection between traditional and Greek yogurt, Australian yogurt is unstrained, resulting in a richer and creamier texture. Made with whole milk, it has both a higher fat content and higher protein level than regular yogurt!
  • Nature’s Basket String Cheese — An excellent gluten-free, organic source of protein made with no artificial additives or preservatives that’s fun to peel and makes you feel good about snacking.
  • Nature’s Basket Organic Milk — USDA Certified Organic with no added hormones and no antibiotics, our Nature’s Basket milks are fresh and available in Whole, Reduced Fat and Fat Free!
  • Nature’s Basket All-Natural Ice Creams — Simple ingredients and pure, rich flavor are the hallmark of these classic ice creams. Pure, creamy, sweet indulgence!