So get this, the only USDA Certified Organic skincare line in existence — held to the same standard of the certified organic fruits and vegetables you buy at our stores — makes its home in Beaver Falls, Pa. How cool is that?

“Our founders grew up in town and wanted to be close to friends and family,” says CEO Rob Robillard. “They also knew the town was in need of jobs. Today, the vast majority of our workers live within a few miles of the plant.”

Nourish Organic’s workforce includes 50% woman in positions ranging from production workers to office workers to the executive team. All employees have healthcare, matching 401K plans and stock options available on their first day of employment. “We also recently announced that we are a livable wage plant with an hourly minimum of $10.10 per hour wage,” says Rob.

In addition to being completely natural, organic and employee advocates, Nourish Organics only makes products that are cruelty free, gluten free and mostly vegan. All are scientifically formulated to hydrate and replenish skin with essential nutrients, using advanced plant chemistry (precious and proven botanical ingredients) to produce fragrance- and alcohol-free, affordable facial line. We encourage you to minimize your carbon footprint, embrace true organics and try their Replenishing Argan Oil, Cucumber Watercress Face Cleanser, Argan Apricot Rosehip Face Serum, Argan Pomegranate Face Cream and Argan Rosewater Face Lotion.