Exclusive at Market District!

Always looking for the latest and greatest? Well, here at Market District, we won’t let you down. Our produce people have gone all the way to Vancouver, Canada, to select for you — exclusively — the latest breakthrough in tomato varieties, the Sensational Sara® tomato, brought to us by Village Farms.

This new, proprietary tomato features a deep red color inside and out — a perfect natural balance of sugar to acid ratio. Larger than a cocktail and smaller than a tomato on the vine (TOV) they are a delectable cross between Village Farms TOV® and Sinfully Sweet Campari® varieties.

Like all Village Farms’ tomato varieties, Sensational Sara’s are harvested by hand and picked and packed on-the-vine for maximum flavor, according to a press release. The variety is hydroponically greenhouse-grown, leading to great quality and Garden Fresh Flavor®.

With a beautiful red color and juicy, sweet flavor, the taste profile, versatility and shelf-life are all a win-win and total game-changer for those who love tomatoes. From salads & salsa to grilling and sauteing, this new champ has it all covered. Try some today in out Produce Department — you won’t find them anywhere else!