Snacks for Noshing from our Sweets Shop!

The truth is you can eat it anytime, but our freshly popped, premium popcorn is a decidedly trendy snack treat to take with you to any picnic, party or summer fun activity (it goes by the handfuls, trust us!).

Made with mushroom corn (large-popping), our popcorn is light, fluffy, big, attractive and crunchy — all that in each kernel! This means there is more surface area to absorb flavor, that it breaks far less often than regular popcorn (no pesky popcorn crumbs) and that it's easier to catch in your mouth — or at least to see as it approaches destination tongue.

Plus, we make our new popcorns fresh in 14 everyday, but in no way routine, flavors including simple Buttered, classic Kettle, sweet Caramel, traditional Cheddar, White Cheddar, Chicago Mix (a blend of caramel AND Cheddar) and many, many other gourmet flavors — all custom-made with unique spice blends (think Sour Cream & Chives, Salt & Vinegar, Hot & Spicy, Cookies & Cream — you get it).

You can also order our popcorns freshly popped in bulk! Simply talk to our Sweets Shop Team Members or our Caterers to place your order and they'll get poppin!