Shake It Up With 3 Trendy Cocktail Mixers

The holidays are a time for relaxing (when you aren’t running) and enjoying a cocktail or two with family (perhaps more with friends — or, do we have that backward)? With this in mind, we've selected a few drink mixers that make the toast tastier!

Fever-Tree — A Mixer to be Taken Seriously — No, Seriously!
These award-winning, English cocktail mixers make holiday happy hours ecstatic, or at least make us ecstatic about holiday happy hours. The Ginger Beer and Ale are a blend of gingers from Nigeria, Cochin and the Ivory Coast. The beer is merry in Moscow Mules, and the ale, nuanced with citrus and overwhelmingly clean, is a superb mixer for festive brown spirits. We also carry Fever-Tree’s extraordinarily crisp Club Soda and Tonic Water.

Owl's Brew — Whooo Knew?
The first tea crafted for cocktails, Owl’s Brew is fresh-brewed, handcrafted in small batches and then sweetened, packed and bottled. All-natural, it is made with whole tea leaves, fruits, spices and herbs, and no added or artificial flavors. Pair with vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey, gin or even Champagne on New Year’s Eve: 2 parts brew, 1 part booze. Whoooo-Hoooo! Available in Classic, Coco-Lada or Pink & Black.

Pope’s Bloody Mary Mix, Cleveland, OH
Made in small batches at the Cleveland Culinary Launch and Kitchen in downtown Cleveland, Clark Pope’s Bloody Mary Mix takes this holiday brunch classic to a whole new festive level. Made with Ohio-grown tomatoes, lime and lemon juice, freshly grated horseradish and jalapeños, it’s a model of quality, simplicity and all-natural flavor you can taste. (Makes a great gift with a bottle of your favorite vodka, too).