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Tea Time — Interesting Tea Facts

• Tea is the world’s most popular beverage after water. Its versatility makes it the perfect drink, adaptable to every climate and culture, so it’s no wonder the selection of teas available is as varied as those who drink it.

• Contrary to popular belief, tea can be included in your goal for fluids. And unlike most drinks, it can be enjoyed hot or cold.

• Served on its own, tea contains no fat or calories.

• Green tea is made from fresh leaves that are chopped, rolled and quickly steamed. This preserves the color and natural tea flavonoids.

• Black tea is the most popular tea and is made from dried fresh leaves. Much of its flavonoids are oxidized.

• Oolong is partly fermented before it is dried. The types of Oolong range from very light, fragrant teas rolled only until oxidation has set in along the leaves’ outer edges, to dark coppery teas with the taste of burnt caramel.

• Herbal teas are made from other plants, such as mint, lemon and chamomile. Naturally caffeine-free and low in calories, they are popular for their many unique flavors.