The Vine Is Ripe!

Actually, it’s always tomato season at Market District because we work with farmers all over the world to bring you the juiciest, most flavorful tomatoes year round, as well as some new varieties you might want to try.

Each has a nuanced flavor of its own and many have bright colors (orange, yellow and green) and winning textures that make them especially good for slicing, saucing, snacking or topping.

Bulk Tomatoes — Buy by the Pound All Year Round!

  • Stem or Cluster Tomatoes — Vine ripened in a greenhouse for better flavor, these brightly colored tomatoes should be stored at room temperature away from direct sunlight for two to three days (they'll continue to ripen).
  • Hydroponic — Greenhouse grown with water, nutrients and controlled lighting (eliminating pest and weather issues), hydroponic tomatoes are mild with thick flesh that is ideal for slicing on sandwiches and burgers.
  • Yellow — Mild and sweet with very low acid, yellow tomatoes actually taste more like the fruit that they are!
  • Green — All tomatoes start off green, but some varieties are green even when ripe. They tend to be less acidic than red tomatoes, with a balanced sweet-tart flavor.
  • Plum/Roma Tomatoes — Excellent flavor and texture for use in sauces, salsas and on pizza.
  • Heirloom — Extremely flavorful and come in many varieties, from green and brown to yellow and orange — even striped! Also very perishable, so eat fast and enjoy!
  • Ugli Ripes — These wrinkly tomatoes may look ugly, but our delicious heirlooms taste like a hearty, beefsteak with real, juicy tomato flavor.

Packaged Tomatoes — Ready To Go

  • Gourmet Medley — This mix of tomatoes is gorgeous together, featuring an array of colors that bring bright flavor any salad or pasta dish.
  • Kumato® — Round and brown, these European-bred tomatoes deliver a complex flavor that is slightly tart.
  • Marzano — Grown only in the rich volcanic soil at the base of Mount Vesuvius in Italy, these coveted tomatoes are sweet with low acidity, firm pulp, deep red color, easy to remove skin and low seed count. Use fresh on a pizza!
  • Grape — Sweet tomato treats. Pack in lunch, roast as a side dish or add to salads.
  • SunBursts™ (Yellow Cherry) — Who knew something yellow could be so sweet? Exploding with flavor, these golden rays of sunshine are like candy. And, their unique color adds a twist to pasta salads.
  • Cherubs® — Cherubs add a burst of flavor and pop of color every time. Sweet, flavorful, tender, they are ideal for on-the-go snacking.
  • Cherry One Sweet — Plump, juicy, and sweet, they are without a doubt one of our most delightful offerings. In fact, tomatoes don’t get much sweeter than this.
  • Campari — The tomato lover’s tomato, offering the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity — and the smallish size is just right.

Local Tomatoes
We also work with the farms within 150 miles of our stores to bring you local tomatoes during the summer season. The varieties vary, but you can bet we always have large red, small grape and yellow tomatoes from our farmer friends!

Organic Tomatoes
We also keep a fresh selection of organic tomatoes year round. You’ll find bulk, organic stem, plum and large slicing tomatoes, as well as packaged organic grape tomatoes!

Our Favorite Ways To Use Tomatoes

  • Grill and top with Feta
  • Use to make fresh gazpacho
  • Top with garlic and broil
  • Sauté with leeks
  • Roast smaller sweet tomatoes for pasta
  • Stuff with tuna salad
  • Make Caprese Salad with fresh Mozzarella & basil
  • Blend fresh Bloody Marys
  • Grill artichoke, olive & tomato flatbreads
  • Grill Campari and Halloumi skewers
  • And of course, make fresh salsas, marinara, puttanesca & more!