Our favorite products that we just can't live without, in no particular order!

  1. Housemade Sausages — Our Market-made sausages can be found in our Fresh Meat Case and come in more than 10 varieties, with a new seasonal selection always available. Crafted in-house with traditional pork, as well chicken, they have a huge following — we can barely keep up, it’s a real grind!
  2. Ice Cream — Our super premium ice creams are made the old-fashioned way with 14% butterfat for rich, creamy, intense flavors. And, the chocolate and vanilla have a whopping 16% butterfat — it’s an ice cream dream come true!
  3. Balsamic Glaze — An artisan-crafted reduction of the finest balsamic, our balsamic glaze is produced and bottled in Modena, Italy using the highest quality grapes. In the time-honored tradition of true Modena balsamic vinegar, it is supremely rich, flavorful, aromatic and versatile!
  4. Limited-Time-Only sofi® Award-Winning Market District Fruit Syrups — Add a splash of sweet summer goodness to any recipe with our summer-only fruit syrups. They're crafted with just three ingredients: fresh berries, cane sugar & lemon juice, and super versatile — drizzle on almost anything!
  5. Hand-Dipped Treats — Our Sweets Shop is home to an enticing array of hand-dipped novelties (Oreos®, Nutter Butters®, Bavarian pretzels, marshmallows and chocolate chip cookies, to name a few) — all dunked in Belgian Callebaut chocolate. We also hand-make fudge, pop popcorn and so much more!
  6. Small-Batch Soups — Our line of small-batch soups are kettle cooked with unique combinations of tradition and trend. Made with no artificial ingredients or preservatives, they’re simmered up with quality ingredients and a touch of old-fashioned patience for you to just take home and heat up!
  7. Chocolate Bars — We tasted, we tested and worked intimately with renowned Chocolatiers to bring you these fine everyday, yet very special chocolate bars! Choose your favorite from 72% Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, Red Velvet & Toffee Pretzel Sea Salt, or eat them all!
  8. Coffee — Our Market District coffees rule the roast! Including single-origin varieties from Kenya, Sumatra and Colombia, along with signature blends like Kona, Jamaican and Moka Java, they feature a rich finish spanning light to dark. Plus, they are precision ground for consistent brewing, packaged to ensure freshness and super affordable!
  9. Mexican-Style Tortilla Chips — Made using traditional techniques and simple ingredients like stone-ground corn, sea salt and a trace of lime, our chips are delicate, thin and crispy — a true chip lover’s choice!
  10. Smokehouse Bacon — Our bacon is sow good, we make a pig of ourselves every time we serve it! Why? Because it’s smoked for 12 hours over real wood embers, it’s MSG and gluten free, and sliced extra thick & hand-trimmed for exceptional farmhouse quality!