Visit Our Sushi Bar for Expertly Crafted Nigiri and Maki

Although International Sushi Day is celebrated on June 18, we like to think of every day as a delicious day for sushi.

When you visit our stores, you’ll see our expert Sushi Chefs deftly crafting exceptional varieties of this traditional Japanese dish. Choose from nigiri, made with thin filets of the freshest seafood atop a perfectly formed mound of vinegar-seasoned rice. We also make maki, featuring those same delicious ingredients rolled into sheets of roasted seaweed know as nori.

The word sushi literally translates to “vinegar rice,” and the type of sushi we are most familiar with today originated approximately 200 years ago in the Japanese seaport now known as Tokyo.

Though most commonly made with fish, sushi can also be made with tofu, egg, crab stick or vegetables — a few of our favorites include pickled vegetables, avocado and cucumber. Whatever your preference, our sushi is made with maximum freshness and flavor in mind.

Did you know? Sushi has many health benefits! Wasabi is rich in vitamin C, rice is gluten free and fish is full of good-for-you omega-3 fatty acids.

Tip: According to tradition, slices of pickled ginger should be eaten between rolls as a palate cleanser.

Sushi Wednesdays
Be sure to stop by your Market District store for Sushi Wednesdays. Choose from select sushi varieties, made fresh in-store with high-quality ingredients, for just $5 each!

Source: Sushic®