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April Foodie Finds


Dream Pops — Plant-Based and Low Calorie/Sugar!

Gone are the days of subpar ice cream, stomach aches and sticky hands. At Dream Pops, they partnered with a three-star Michelin chef, sourced the best ingredients & equipment known to mankind, and designed ice cream with an ergonomic touch: nutrient dense clean treats with a creamy consistency much like ice cream. By creating a flavor-packed plant-based alternative powered by real food and real ingredients, they’ve created the ultimate in guilt-free indulgence. 100% plant-based, with less than 100 calories and less than 5g of total sugar! Gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan! Available in Chocolate Lion and Vanilla Matcha!

Cado Avocado Ice Cream — Vegan & Dairy Free

Cado is the first dairy-free, avocado-based ice cream made fresh from the tree! With each batch, avocados are picked, ripened and cold-processed for a truly fresh dessert experience. Each pint packs fresh avocado, making Cado a nutrient-dense dessert that tastes divine and leaves you feeling satisfied and nourished. Enjoy a scoop, add some fruit or make a superfood sundae! Available in Deep, Dark Chocolate, Mint Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Bean.

Bitchin’ Sauce

Starr, a sparky 16-year-old was unimpressed by vegan-friendly options which were highly processed using inferior ingredients, so she set out to make a cold-processed, raw, creamy concoction to fit her newfound vegan diet. The result was undeniably delicious and totally bitchin’! Starr brought the sauce to the local farmer’s market to sample. The savory, almond-based delight was dubbed “Bitchin’ Sauce,” as in “Golly gee Mister, that sauce sure is BITCHIN’—first-rate, wonderful, excellent!” Available in Original, Chipotle and Cilantro Chili.


Ever find yourself wishing rice wasn’t so calorie and carb heavy? We did, too. And then we found RightRice, a more nutritious rice grain packed with the power of vegetables to give you more plant-based protein and fiber, and a lot fewer carbs. No more empty calories, either. Every bowl of RightRice is made from lentils, chickpeas, peas and rice, with more than double the protein, five times the fiber, and almost 40% fewer net carbs than a bowl of white rice. Plus, RightRice is delicious and easy to cook with a great line up of original and already seasoned flavors. Available in Original, Spanish and Garlic Herb.