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illustration of RETHINK Kids Water and BEAR YoYos Real Fruit Rolls
RETHINK Kids Water and BEAR YoYos Real Fruit Rolls

Keep kids energized and refreshed with Bear YoYos Real Fruit Rolls and Rethink Kids Water! Bear YoYos are sweet treats with 100% pure fruit and vegetable rolls that are high in fiber with no added sugar. All fruit with no cores or peels!

Then, cool down with Rethink Kids Water, which contains zero sugar, calories and sodium, but DO have USDA Certified Organic fruit essence to refresh and hydrate kids on the go. Plus, they’re packaged in paperboard boxes to help protect our natural playgrounds.

Illustration of Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal
Vigilant Eats Superfood Cereal

Remarkable flavors, antioxidant goodness and simple convenience. Plus, Certified Organic, gluten free, non-GMO vegan and kosher. Plus, all of their ingredients are low glycemic, which means lasting and stable energy.

Illustration of Twinings Chai K-cups®
Twinings Chai K-cups®

A rich and satisfying robust tea that can be enjoyed with or without milk, sweetened or unsweetened — the choice is yours. The favorite choice of tea lovers everywhere, Twining’s was originally conceived to complement the traditional, hearty English breakfast, from which its name derives. Find it in everything from Spiced Apple and French Vanilla to Pumpkin Spice Chai and Chai Decaffeinated.

illustration of Starbucks® Iced Lattes — Smoked Butterscotch & Peppermint Mocha
Starbucks® Iced Lattes — Smoked Butterscotch & Peppermint Mocha

Get your Starbucks to go in seasonal fall flavors that bring autumn to your appetite with every single sip. OK, so you have to add the ice!

Bare Bones Bone Broth
Bare Bones Bone Broth

This broth comes from grass-fed and pasture-raised animals that are never confined or given antibiotics or hormones. Fresh herbs and spices are added for rich flavor and slow simmered for 24 hours to enhance collagen content. Plus, they are shelf stable and packaged with eco-friendly means!

The Toasted Oat Granola

The Toasted Oat Granola

These soft and chewy granolas have oldfashioned flavors, authentically good-for-you ingredients and are stop-you-in-your-tracks delicious — more like a crumbled cookie than a big batch of dry bland in a box. Crafted with pure nostalgia and a nod to modern day — gluten free — they are oven-baked in small batches, and ready to enjoy whenever you are.

illustration of Country Archer Jerky

Country Archer Jerky

Handcrafted from mostly organic, real-food ingredients in small batches with only the finest USDA inspected, 100% grass-fed beef — 11g of protein and only 1g fat!

Illustration of Grounds & Hounds Fair Trade Organic Coffee
Grounds & Hounds Fair Trade Organic Coffee

Fresh brew to the rescue! Founder Jordan Karcher combines his passion for small batch, specialty coffee with his desire to help at-risk pups, donating 20% of all proceeds to fund animal rescue efforts in Pittsburgh communities!

Illustration of Pumpkin Spice Piroulines

Pumpkin Spice Piroulines

Enjoy the magic of the moment. A fall tradition, Pumpkin Spice Creme de Pirouline Filled Wafer Sticks are simply delicious, especially with a cup of your favorite Market District coffee! Sometimes we use them to stir coffee and let the flavors seep in!

Illustration of Jamaica’s Finest Ginger Beer

Jamaica’s Finest Ginger Beer

Cast away your inhibitions and try this authentic, tropical ginger beer made with sugar and real ginger root oil (instead of ginger flavor). Its spicy kick is uncharted flavor, indeed!

Illustration of Vita Coco

Vita Coco

The first line of all-natural coconut water in the U.S. Hydrating and packed with nutrients and electrolytes, available in original coconut water as well as Pineapple, Orange, Peach & Mango and more!

Illustration of Peeled Peas Please™ Snacks

Peeled Peas Please™ Snacks

Baked organic crunchy pea snacks packed with 5g protein and 1/2 cup of veggies per serving! They’re giving popcorn a run for it!

Illustration of SMASHMALLOW Snacks Introducing Pumpkin Pie!

SMASHMALLOW Snacks Introducing Pumpkin Pie!

S’mores just got s’more interesting! SMASHMALLOW Snacks are organic, gluten-free marshmallows that smash up exciting new flavors like Pumpkin Pie. Toast them on the end of a 30-inch skewer and get fired up for s’more flavor! Also available in a lot of other smashed-up flavors!

Illustration of All the Makings for a Signature Pizza!

All the Makings for a Signature Pizza!

Start with a simple DeLallo Pizza Dough Kit, top with Lucini olive oil, spread on some Nature’s Basket pizza sauce, top with Market District San Marzano tomatoes and drizzle a bit of Mike’s Hot Honey all over! Mama Mia!