Welcome to Our Layer!

We kept sampling sauces — the latest, the greatest — hot, spicy, sweet, savory, but something was missing. None of them had the complexity — the layers of flavor, beginning-to-end taste journey — we were looking for. With global cuisine gaining popularity as a casual yet sophisticated, we wanted to capture the dynamics of authentic flavor.

Moreover, we wanted sauces that were approachable, that would enhance everyday dishes, provide quick and memorable meal solutions and bring global taste and experiences home — and did we mention LOTS of flavor?

After months looking for a partner that could fill such a tall (and tasty) order, our Food Experts teamed up with a distinguished group of global chefs and their expansive research team. Together, they commenced rigorous product and flavor profiling — months of tasting and testing — to capture the expansive taste profiles we were looking for.

And boy, are they flavorful!

Our new, signature Market District sauce line includes cooking sauces, marinades, hot sauces and wing sauces made using only the highest quality ingredients, making it simple to bring a world of taste to your table. Come travel with us and bring your fervor for flavor along!

Cooking Sauces

  • General Tso — Your Chinese takeout go-to dish just became your Chinese make-in go-to dish. Flavored with garlic, ginger, scallions and dried chilies, this mildly sweet sauce yields plenty of vinegary punch. Toss with any sautéed meat, poultry, tofu and/or mix of vegetables or use as a dipping sauce for fried appetizers. Our favorite is still the traditional chicken!
  • Red Curry — A sum greater than all its parts, this sauce’s strong, fiery quality comes from a ground paste of red chilies, lemongrass, ginger and spices complimented by the silky sweetness of coconut milk and the exotic freshness of authentic Thai basil and lime leaves. Simmer with sautéed chicken, beef or shrimp.
  • Tikka Masala — While the culinary origin of Tikka Masala is debatable, the allure is not. Made from puréed tomatoes, sautéed onion and garlic, its flavor is striking and fresh, offering a wonderful alternative to traditional creamy curries. Extremely versatile, this sauce dresses up fish, vegetables or meat — or use it to poach an egg!
  • Butter Curry — The hallmark of Indian cuisine, our Butter Curry contains a proprietary mix of spices, toasted and blended with sautéed onions and garlic, tomatoes, cream and butter into a lusciously creamy and opulent sauce. Although mild in heat, the spicing is tantalizing — a pure pleasure eaten simply with naan and exceptional served on chicken with basmati rice.
  • Pad Thai — The taste is that of a bustling food market in Bangkok! A complex balance of tangy tamarind and sweet Demerara sugar blended with savory garlic, fish sauce and soy, this genuine Pad Thai is made with real roasted peanuts. Simply pour over noodles and enjoy, or add a little stir-fried shrimp! So much flavor, so easy!


  • Szechuan — Szechuan cuisine is well known for its liberal use of garlic, peanut, sesame, and ginger, as is our boldly flavored grilling sauce. Apply liberally to shrimp or chicken and grill or bake.
  • Korean Style BBQ — This traditional Korean sauce is a delightful combination of soy, sesame, garlic and peppers to add distinct Asian flavor to your table. Try it on pork or beef ribs.
  • Greek Inspired Souvlaki — A Greek favorite, our Souvlaki marinade is bursting with oregano, thyme, garlic and lemon to add a fresh and flavorful essence to grilled meats and vegetables. Serve traditionally on grilled chicken or lamb skewered in a pita!
  • Piri Piri — This hot and creamy Portuguese sauce, made from African Bird’s Eye chili, is truly unique, much like the closely guarded family recipes handed down from generation to generation in Portugal. Made with chili, garlic and lemon, it adds a fiery kick to tofu, paneer, cauliflower, potatoes or eggplant. Try it in soups or stews — a must if you love spicy, hot food!
  • Sesame Teriyaki — Sweet and savory, this classic Asian sauce is a smooth blend of soy, sugar, rice vinegar, ginger and garlic that marries well with almost everything, from tofu, vegetables and noodles to pork tenderloin, chicken and beef. Ultra versatile!

Wing Sauces

  • Thai Style Sweet Chili — Sweet, spicy and savory, this wing sauce gets its heat from sun-ripened whole chili peppers and its savory notes from garlic. So well balanced, its delicate interaction between sweet and spicy is renowned (or will be)!
  • Honey Hot — In sync with the new sweet-heat trend, this sauce gets its fiery burn from scotch bonnet peppers and its sweet from warm honey in a delicate dance of pleasure and pain. Toss with wings or use as a dip for chicken tenders. You can even drizzle on tacos or use as a hamburger topping!
  • Ginger Scallion — In our minds, a mother sauce to be used over and over and over again. Stir into a bowl of hot noodles, serve over rice topped with a fried egg, marinate meat or seafood, use in any stir-fry or drizzle over steamed fish.
  • Korean Style Red Pepper with Honey — Move over soy sauce! This Korean condiment balances a complex mix of spicy, sweet, savory and salty in one perfect bite. A blend of rice, soybean and fiery red peppers, it can be used in traditional dishes such as bibimbap, but also to add new dimensions to stews or noodle dishes. Mix with oil and vinegar to make a dressing!

Hot Sauces

  • Cayenne — The flavor of everyone’s favorite red hot pepper sauce with a dose of tang, a touch of sweet, salt and spice. It’s a natural on chicken wings but can be used in everything from Caesar salad dressing to Sunday morning eggs.
  • Bacon — A classic, hot, salty and vinegary sauce with sweet brown sugar and the smoke of bacon: a novel yet familiar marriage. Serve with wings or as an appetizer dip, or add to deviled eggs and potato salad. Wow!
  • Green — An exciting, colorful hot sauce made with jalapeños! Spicy with plenty of vinegar kick, it can be used in place of any red cayenne hot sauce. A welcome addition to fish tacos, salsa or guacamole!